Hello, World

“Hello World”

The traditional first program a person learns to write simply prints those words onto a computer screen. I think it’s appropriate here too, signifying as it does the first faltering steps of something new yet something cut from the same fabric as programs that, you know, do something.

Which I guess reflects my anxiety over whether the world needs another blog about tabletop games. Aren’t Shut Up and Sit Down  or The Dice Tower or the hundreds of other game sites and blogs enough? Probably, but I’m still going to do it because tabletop games are interesting and are prosocial in a way that few human activities are.

Those are the two points I want to emphasize: that tabletop games as a phenomenon are worthy of thinking more deeply about, of situating in a historical context relative to other games and society in general, of poking and prodding just to see what makes them tick, and that the time we spend in groups playing games is in some way special and are experiences that bring people together. Not to get mushy or anything.

What I’m going to do is write about games in a way that I find stimulating and that will hopefully foster some discussion about the hobby, about what where games come from and why they work or, in some cases, don’t. i’m also going to push myself into finding more great (or terrible) gaming experiences and write about them either to encourage you to expand your gaming group or to at least give you some ideas of what not to do.

“Hello, World” might be the fist steps of an 8th grader learning BASIC, but it is also as broad a greeting as is possible and while these first steps might be just as clunky and faltering, I hope that you will join me in taking them.




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